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My name is Tiana & I am the owner of Sugar Sweet Hair LLC.  Among many other things, I am a devoted wife & mother of 3 wonderful children, a determined business woman & I am extremely excited to share with you my business.  I am very humbled & proud to say, it is a small Black Woman Owned Business!

I have searched, tested & researched for over 2 1/2 years to find the very best products.


The hair and the ends are very full and thick.  I did not have any split ends and it is very silky.  Check out all of her reviews here!

ElleForLexxi YouTube Review

I am in love with this hair.  This hair is amazing, it is so freaking soft, it does not get tangled up and I don't experience any type of shedding.  OMG I just fell in love with it. Check out her review here!

liyahhDOLL YouTube Review

It's like a dark brown color, you will notice the different hues in it.  It is not frizzy and 3 bundles are definitely enough.  Check out her videos featuring our hair here!

TheBrilliantBeauty YouTube Review

This hair is like butter! The hair is silky, I don't think yall get it, no matter how you swing it! Check out her reviews here!

ElleForLexxi YouTube Review

My Mission & Vision for the company is

My Story...

Starting this company, I was caught between either distributing or styling hair.  After a few months, prayer & research, I made the decision to distribute top quality human virgin hair so that I can have more devoted time for my family.  Making others feel accepted, beautiful, sexy & more is what I strive to do.  I genuinely value my customers & will strive to provide luxurious products & customer service!

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